TDS Professional Textile Design Software

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TDS Professional is one of the most powerful software for textile design offering many advanced design and image manipulation tools. It provides comprehensive file format support enabling you to freely exchange designs with other systems and knitting machines. With its powerful region processing, colou manipulation facilities, it leaves most other design systems standing.

The stripe wizard allows design stripes manually and automatically within minutes. The stripe wizard is a unique system that lets you design stripes visually using a drag and drop method. Data can be output onto floppy disk for CAMBER Striper knitting Machine or Printed in descriptive form. Now the system also supports Wrap Line simulation.

The Automatic Wizard generates stripes for you within the parameters you specify such as width of stripes and season colours. Simply pick the one you like and start knitting.

If your business involves textile design, realise now the potential of TDS professional in improved creativity and quality of designs, reduced design time and an overall increase in efficiency and profitability of your organisation

Coming soon: WAC System Controller Output