Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for Fire Sprinkler Manufacturer

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In an industry that demands high standards of manufacture and strict quality control, AccuTrack have helped provide a system that helps with ISO9001 compliance.

The system uses a SQL Server database to provide a trully distributed and company wide system allowing users to :

  • Recording and barcoding of delievered raw materials
  • Interface to the companies work order generation program based on MS Access
  • Record and Create identity barcode labels at cutting and fabrication stations using a Touch Panel (PDX-089T) PC running XP Embedded
  • Create Windows CE application running on Casio DTX-8 / 10 for recording Operators On Operations and logging of Item Pass or Fail information
  • Handle re-rpinting of labels which are destroyed by the sandblasting and Powder Coating process
  • Automate the despatch process, with recordning of containers and items placed in Containers with printed contents labels.
  • Quality Analysis Reports on demand
  • Analyse Production Status of an order
  • Printing of Despatch Notes with itemised contents
  • Operator Analysis
  • Multi-site manufactiuring capability to provide collated manufacturing data
  • plus many more features

Our system fully integrate the sales and order processes with order processing and manufcaturing execution through data collection and automation through the production processes. Barcoding is introduced at approriate processes to identify the product, which can be subsequently used for inventory control and despatch.

STE Bus Processor Board Replacement

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The STE bus for industrial controllers was used in a wide array of equipment in the mid 1980's to 1990's. There is still a huge population of CNC controllers around the worl running on STE bus based equipment.

We sucessfully delivered a project where an old PC based STE bus computer card had failed. In conjunction with Richard meredith who developed an STE adaptor which allows a generic PC/104+ CPU to be used in place, we developed a fuilly functional system. The STE adaptor board uses the PCI bus instead of the old ISA bus which meant re-write of the code handling the interrupts on the machine.

Then project was sucessfully delivered and concluded for Circular Knit Services in the US.


Electronic Patterning & Striper Controller Technology

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We have over the term of our company developed several controllers as follows:

  • Electronic Patterning Controller using the Harting & Matrix Actuator. Complete real time software in C and Pattern to Knit File creation in delphi (Garment Builder). Full blueprints available
  • Striper Controller for Electronic Striper Knitting Machine (Camber Quatro). Full controller blueprints available
  • RJE Machine Retrofit (machine with Original DEC PDP11 computer - size of 3 large filing cabinets). Replaced with PC Controller.
  • Bentley SPJ machine Retrofit

We welcome enquiries from companies who may wish to develop these products and utilise all or some of the offshelf modules, design and know how.

Why re-invent the wheel !. No reasonable offer refused for the technology and know how.

Camber Quatro Striper Controller

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AccuTrack Automation Ltd supplied many controllers to Camber International and continued to retrofit machine where the old fibre optic system had failed. The contoller based on PC104 386SX CPU and a custom highly integrated and brilliantlly designed Striper Controller with all logic taken care by a FPGA. Components were careffully chosen and built for reliability.

After many years (over 17 years) in daily use by companies around the world, the controller is still as reliable today as the first day. The striper controller was an ultimate embodiment of 2 engineers with superb skillsets, dedication and committment to deliver the ultimate solution. Unfortunately, demise of Camber international meant that only 60 controllers were sold. However, the technology is available for sale to any knitting machine manufacturer who has the ambition to build their own controller to reduce costs and move ahead of the competttion.