Batch Barcode Ticketing System & Styles Management for Knitwear Manufacture

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In a batch production environment where batches propagate through several operations, it is often diffcult to determine where the order is in the operations pipeline and to determine potential shortfalls in production due to panel damages and determine if the order is on time or may be delayed.

The MES system delivers the perfect solution to fully automate the process with modules as :

Style manager to create a complete catalogs of sweaters, with pictures, yarns used and colour ways of the design.

  • Capturing of orders for styles, qualtities, sizes and colourways
  • Create Production Works orders to submit the order for production. The production works order decides how the order is split and size of the batch
  • Printing of production Tickets with Ticket barcode and operation sets
  • Touch Panel station for on-demand printing of batch tickets
  • Touch Panel station to indicate an operation is complete with quantities done. The original ticket barcode is scanned to acquire the batch id
  • Integrated Time and Attendance system for safety Compliance and time recording
  • Order status reports
  • Productivity Reports

The system is extremly easy to operate and run, with many benefits absolutely essential for the knitwear manufacturer.