Sales Order Processing for Kitchen & Bedroom Manufacture

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It is key for any business to be proactive in sales. Once you have an enquiry, in abusy work environment it is often all too easy to losse the customer through slow processing of quotations, inadequate communications with the client leading to loss of confidence and sale from the customer.

The SOP system for Kitchen and Bedrooms and adresses this issue to streamline and make efficienct the process of creating quotations, emaling quotations via the system and SMS to keep the customer updated. Quotations can be easliy ammended according to customers request and quickly arrive a quotations arrived through changes in customer specification to arrive at prices affordable by the customer.

Once te basic components, carcasses, doors, finishes, materials, drawer types and colours are added to the system and single change is finish for example, automatically propagates through the system to arrive at a new price for the end product. The system further provides automatic calculation of costings of doors approriate for any carcas, greatly minimising the administration effort.